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QC & Production Follow-up

QC & Production Follow-up

Our Production follow-up service helps your supply chain to be as efficient and cost-effective as possible. Quality control and production follow-up is an end-to-end service for monitoring the production process and updating stakeholders. It gives customers greater control and insight into the entire manufacturing process with no unwanted surprises.

  • More than 30-Man Years of Experienced Quality Control Team for furniture, gift items and lighting.
  • Each order has clear Scope and standards mentioned and well communicated to the relevant team to ensure quality and timeline levels are maintained.
  • Regular quality inspections during the complete production process and reporting.
  • Working with all management-level owners and employees to ensure they are maintaining standards and compliance with all relevant regulations.
  • Regular update and inspection reporting to our buyers so that any deviation in quality or timeline can be understood and mitigated.

Our professionally trained Quality Control inspectors From order validation to stuffing, we ensure stringent follow-up at each stage of the production process so that we are aware of every development happening at the ground level.

The purpose of production monitoring is to ensure that we are aware of the developments, challenges and suggest apt solutions if needed. This in-turn ensures complete peace of mind for our buyers as they know that a professional and experienced team is regularly monitoring at the ground level. We make sure that the manufacturers respect the quality specifications and the delivery timeline. We coordinate with our manufacturers and carry regular inspections and update our buyers accordingly.

Once the order has been validated by the buyer, we coordinate with the manufacturer and allocate a team on-site to establish the specifications. When this step is finalized, the order goes into production.


Production monitoring involves several missions:
Coordination with manufacturers and regular on-site visit.
• Sharing and validation of reports following the various quality inspections
• Weekly reporting of current orders
• Strict management of quality and deadlines
• Developing the culture of delivering quality at every steps.

India is a large and well known for its diversity that ranges from its natural environments (Monsoon, Summer, Winter) and resources to its people coming from diverse cultures, traditions, and festivals (Diwali, Holi, Dusshera). We understand it best and plan accordingly to ensure that the production and quality inspections are done in the agreed timeline.

With our vast experiences acquired over the time, we ensure Quality Control throughout the manufacturing process of your furniture. This quality control is implemented for each of our businesses to guarantee consistency, quality to the furniture delivered.

At different stages of production, the inspections are thoroughly carried out and comprehensive reports are shared to all stakeholders so that everyone is in loop and aware of the developments and the timeline. The furniture’s are checked several times until it leaves India to ensure that the products leaving for delivery is in the best of the conditions and meeting the mandatory quality terms.

The team has vast experience in inspecting furniture (wood, metal, other materials for different types of furniture: living room, dining room, bathroom etc.), decoration and lighting products. To assure compliance with the specifications defined for the product, we follow the four major inspections milestones, and they are the following.

Initial Inspection
Our operational manager validates the specifications with the manufacturer.

Intermediate Inspection
As soon as the first raw products reach the finishing stage, our quality controllers are there to check for any defects or deviations from the quality parameters, and to provide practical and effective solutions to correct them in the production process.

Final Inspection
Pre-shipment inspection takes place when products are complete and ready to ship. We 100% inspect the merchandise and reject nonconforming products if they cannot be corrected.

PLS inspection
Our team controls all packaging and labelling. We also supervise the stuffing in the container.