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Consulting & Training

Consulting & Training

We provide consulting support to our buyers and manufacturers and encourage our manufacturers to adopt the best practices in their production to achieve the maximum output efficiently without compromising on quality.

To maintain Quality Delivery by the manufacturers, we organise on-site staff training sessions at regular intervals for the staff and workers involved in furniture manufacturing so that the culture of Quality gets inculcated amongst one and all.

Understanding standards and quality is complex, hence we have developed training modules comprising our learnings from past mistakes, examples, pictures, demonstrations, and hands-on training to make it as comprehensive as possible for the staff and the labour involved in producing the furniture.

The modules have been developed considering the field and ground knowledge acquired by us over the years and this has indeed helped us in achieving the desired results and creating a win-win for all the stakeholders. We are respected and appreciated for the value additions which we bring to our manufacturers and buyers from time to time.