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Diverse Sourcing Options

Diverse Sourcing Options

Sourcing in India is a matter of critical importance to companies around the world, however with our long-standing relationships built on mutual trust and transparency, we can deliver on our sourcing promises. Our suppliers comply with the social and regulatory compliances.

The primary objective is to meet the needs of our customers and help them grow their businesses.

  • Partnership with 15 distinguished and reputed furniture manufacturers
  • Established wide network of 40 plus suppliers in India.
  • Complete lines in various styles: Industrial, Scandinavian, Contemporary, Ethnic…
  • Product lines are updated every 6 months in tandem with the current trend

IEPL has partnered with various manufacturers based in Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh in India. These manufacturers have been audited and tested in terms of meeting the quality and regulatory expectations of international buyers. We have developed hands-on experience and robust knowledge of products and manufacturers from whom sourcing could be done. Though we are proud to claim our expertise in sourcing, however our learning happens every day and at every step and we document it so that the mistakes are not repeated again.


This expertise off ours help to immediately find the right manufacturers for our buyers/customers who usually end up spending huge resource and time to identify and test the same. We have trusted partners as manufacturers who can meet aptly the expectations of the customer at a reasonable and cost-effective price.

Our wide network of more than forty plus manufacturers helps us in presenting new ranges of products in various styles every six months. We also have expertise in quality inspection in decoration and lighting products.

We also support our buyers/prospects in their missions to visit and evaluate various manufacturers, participate in trade fairs. This we do once we have a clarity on the expectations and needs of our buyers. We recommend our buyers to plan for a week time to explore opportunities and the right manufacturing partner. Do not hesitate to contact us for your mission projects.