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Product Development

Product Development

In order to offer the best and trendy collections that meets the demand and requirements of our buyers, we empower ourselves through research on the current trends, and by visiting various international fairs, interacting with various designers, and following their blogs. We also visit and interact with various manufacturers to gauge what is in the trend, henceforth we develop designs and propose to our prospects and buyers.

We have –

  • In-House Product development Team which diligently works with the Buyers to develop new ranges. Moreover, we invest in product research through (trade fairs, factory visit etc…)
  • Expertise to develop, produce and deliver prototypes to our Buyers reflecting our efficiency and commitment towards our customers .
  • Invested and nurtured our Development team with skills and knowledge so that they comprehend the customers need and develop unique ranges and ship it immediately for validation.

We discuss in details with our buyers to understand and identify their needs and desires, henceforth a Business Requirement Document with every minute details is prepared and shared with the buyers for validation. Our development manager supports and updates the buyers/prospects throughout the development process. When the project is validated, our team is in charge of:

• Creation of Visuals (images, 2D / 3D models),
• Production of specifications with technical drawings,
• Coordination with the various actors for the advancement of prototypes.

The development of the prototyping is done by regular follow-up with the manufacturers and through regular exchange of notes/pictures so that any necessary adjustments (finishes, details, quality control) could be done in the beginning before we go for full production.

We listen and document to the recommendations made by the buyers and strive to comply in order to meet the expectations to the fullest. Once the prototypes have been validated:

• We either launch in production based on validated report, or
• We either ship the prototypes for the validation


Our team also supports in taking the pictures of the furniture and with supporting documents (creation of documents, catalogues) so that the buyers/prospects could launch the range beforehand and attract end-customers.